How to Increase Sales with Mobile Payments

Whether you’re running a coffee shop, a bookstore or a gas station, providing your customers a smooth, seamless payment option via their smartphone can greatly increase your sales. Accenture recently published their extensive survey on the Mobile payments habits of North American users. Here are a few actionable takeaways for you.

1. Spread awareness. 

Let your customers know that they can pay you straight from their smart phone; that’s it takes just 2 clicks. Only 41% of North Americans were aware that they can pay for goods and services via their smartphones; and only 16% of this 41% used it!

2. Let your customers know it’s secure, and private. 

45% of respondents said they were concerned about security, while 37% said privacy was the main concern holding them back.

3. Reward customers to increase mobile payments. 

60% of respondents said they would use their smartphone for payments if they were given instant location based coupons, while 36% would also share personal information (contact details) for such rewards. That’d be a really awesome conversion rate for any kind of marketing!

4. Make it easy for your customers to pay for that morning coffee, or gas. 

No one can survive the day without their morning coffee! And everyone hates to stand in queue for their morning coffee - or at the gas station. A whooping 46% of respondents said they’d happily use mobile payments if it made it easier to pay for their gas! If you can use the available mobile payment platforms to make it a simple one step process for your customers to pay for the cuppa coffee or the dreaded gas bill, you’ll definitely have a winner!

Mobile Payments vs Increase Sales -

Source: Moblized