Just one in three is aware of NFC

According to a YouGov survey of 1,501 people, just 35% of British adults are aware of NFC-enabled mobile devices, with 9% know that their personal device is NFC-enabled and 22% of those having used NFC to make a payment.

 YouGov also found that 56% of smartphone owners who are not interested in NFC do not believe the technology is safe to use while 53% are concerned about their financial data being stolen if their phone was lost or stolen. 39% said they do not see a need for NFC, "given general contentment with using chip and  pin." 

Near Field Communication Uses - E-moneyman.co.uk

Awareness of contactless card technology grew from 55% to 70% in the year leading up to September 2013, YouGov says, with an increase from 16% to 25% in ownership of a contactless card. 40% of owners stated they had used their contactless card for a transaction.

"The one key drawback to more usage is that is has yet to be universally adopted by retailers, with six in ten users (62%) wanting more places that accepted contactless card payments," YouGov adds.

Source: NFC World